Elia Abu Madi: Tholasim

Elia Abu Madi or Elia D. Madey (1889-1957) was a Lebanese-American poet with numerous notable published works. The following is a translation of the first 8 stanzas from his famous work, Al-Tholasim (The Mysteries). The full poem comprises 405 lines. I have translated (at least, attempted to) the following for your convenience. الطلاسم The Mysteries … Continue reading Elia Abu Madi: Tholasim


Imam ash-Shafi’ee on Travel

Al-Imam ash-Shafi'ee (r.a) (150 H/766 M - 204 H/820 M) is known as the establisher of the shafi'ee school of jurisprudence, or mazhab of Fiqh, widely used by Muslims in South East Asia. He was one of the ahlul bayt - his lineage can be traced back to 'abd Manaf ibn Qusay, who is also … Continue reading Imam ash-Shafi’ee on Travel