Bayazid Al-Bastami (q.s.), Sultan al-‘Arifeen

  "The saints of God are His brides and none looks upon brides save those of their family. They are veiled in seclusion in His presence by intimacy. No one sees them, neither in the world nor the next." Of the well-known Sufi masters, whose iconic stories are often narrated and quoted in Suhbaat (study … Continue reading Bayazid Al-Bastami (q.s.), Sultan al-‘Arifeen


The Apology

(Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the speech by Socrates in 399 BC.) Some days they end in sweet adieus Endearing thanks and I-love-yous, Others they end in frowns and tears Frustrated voices, and burning ears. Alluring it was, the charm I knew Captured and thus, my feelings grew I've never known feelings so … Continue reading The Apology

Some Rhymes and a Lot of Nonsense

The following are some of my unremarkable attempts at wordplay and alliteration. The sultry Sunday slipped secretively Through my fingers, sandlike and slippery, Surreal it was, point- blank, serenity, Slithering silently into eternity. It was apparent poison in plain perception As I beheld the pain in pale apprehension, Panic erupted and pelted my vision, and … Continue reading Some Rhymes and a Lot of Nonsense