Elia Abu Madi: Tholasim

Elia Abu Madi or Elia D. Madey (1889-1957) was a Lebanese-American poet with numerous notable published works. The following is a translation of the first 8 stanzas from his famous work, Al-Tholasim (The Mysteries). The full poem comprises 405 lines. I have translated (at least, attempted to) the following for your convenience. الطلاسم The Mysteries … Continue reading Elia Abu Madi: Tholasim


Bayazid Al-Bastami (q.s.), Sultan al-‘Arifeen

  "The saints of God are His brides and none looks upon brides save those of their family. They are veiled in seclusion in His presence by intimacy. No one sees them, neither in the world nor the next." Of the well-known Sufi masters, whose iconic stories are often narrated and quoted in Suhbaat (study … Continue reading Bayazid Al-Bastami (q.s.), Sultan al-‘Arifeen