Are Morals Best Taught in Religious Schools?

Thus reads a motion in a local debate for tertiary-level students (you can see it here). I am admittedly rather fascinated. Especially since it strikes chords that are a little too close to where the bad memories are. Are morals best taught in religious schools? The phrasing of the sentence is, typically, completely ambiguous. Firstly, … Continue reading Are Morals Best Taught in Religious Schools?


The L Word

  …Of all taboo topics to choose this holy Month - There is perhaps a common stigma that circulates in my community, revolving around the term 'love'. Again the liberal-conservative dichotomy comes into play, and while it is shunned and resented by some, others think a bit too little of it. It is all too … Continue reading The L Word

Some Rhymes and a Lot of Nonsense

The following are some of my unremarkable attempts at wordplay and alliteration. The sultry Sunday slipped secretively Through my fingers, sandlike and slippery, Surreal it was, point- blank, serenity, Slithering silently into eternity. It was apparent poison in plain perception As I beheld the pain in pale apprehension, Panic erupted and pelted my vision, and … Continue reading Some Rhymes and a Lot of Nonsense