Elia Abu Madi: Tholasim

Elia Abu Madi or Elia D. Madey (1889-1957) was a Lebanese-American poet with numerous notable published works. The following is a translation of the first 8 stanzas from his famous work, Al-Tholasim (The Mysteries). The full poem comprises 405 lines. I have translated (at least, attempted to) the following for your convenience. الطلاسم The Mysteries … Continue reading Elia Abu Madi: Tholasim


The Apology

(Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the speech by Socrates in 399 BC.) Some days they end in sweet adieus Endearing thanks and I-love-yous, Others they end in frowns and tears Frustrated voices, and burning ears. Alluring it was, the charm I knew Captured and thus, my feelings grew I've never known feelings so … Continue reading The Apology

Some Rhymes and a Lot of Nonsense

The following are some of my unremarkable attempts at wordplay and alliteration. The sultry Sunday slipped secretively Through my fingers, sandlike and slippery, Surreal it was, point- blank, serenity, Slithering silently into eternity. It was apparent poison in plain perception As I beheld the pain in pale apprehension, Panic erupted and pelted my vision, and … Continue reading Some Rhymes and a Lot of Nonsense