Unhijabed #4: Submission


It is very interesting how, when I stop wearing one article of clothing, many seem to assume that I have adopted numerous other habits… you know, things like drinking, promiscuity, Satanism and worst of all, a video game addiction (which I’ve always had, actually, but you don’t know that now). A further inspection of these assumptions reveals a very dark undercurrent of resentment owing especially to self-hatred, dark pasts, guilt and projection. A very sad reality, and it has been a challenge to deal with such people firmly but fairly as not to be void of compassion.

As such, I try to keep things as impersonal as I can here. Now, on to business.

As we have been typically taught, the word “Islam” comes from the word “Aslama” which means to submit. This is related to the word “Salima” which means the acquirement of safety, as well as “salam” which means peace. The concept of this submission could not be understood fully without a proper grasp of “Tawheed”, which I also refer to as Unity, which makes perfect sense because the word is taken directly from “wahhada” , meaning ‘to unite’. Now, these words are the bare basics of Islam. They are extremely critical and heavy concepts that will take time to sink in. This is exactly why the Sharia was only implemented 13 years after Prophethood.

The confusion comes when we think that the will of man and the will of God are separate. This would then enable man to ‘disobey’ since he has a choice whether or not to comply with God’s Law. However, this understanding is impaired because if man had his own separate will, it would be something that rivals the will of God. How can this be, when there is no likeness to Allah (“laysa ka mithlihi shay'”); there cannot exist anything comparable to Him even. God just Is.

Whether one subscribes to the Ash’ari or Maturidi school here is irrelevant because this is a discussion beyond moral values or comprehension. It is not man in relation to God or God in relation to man, rather one’s consciousness that there cannot be a duality. The Shahadah testifies to this denial by beginning with ‘la ilaha’. Meaning that there is no power, no authority, none worthy of worship. We then examine the term ‘worship’. The way I see it, there is no path to worship besides love. I believe that I was created out of love, and I am sustained out of love. For what else can it be?

The Shahadah then ends with “IllAllah” meaning except for God. Thus there is none worthy of worship (love) except for God. That is the chorus of creation, referred to as the reflection of God in Islamic traditions. And now we must lift the veil of duality in loving God. Let me tell you now, that the closest you can ever have to loving God, is to love yourself. It might be heavy to grasp, so you could begin by thinking of it as a sort of appreciation for all that God has done for you.

Self-love is an immense feeling of liberation. It is done by finding compassion within yourself, for yourself, and then realizing that you are compassion. It is the ability to indulge in kindness and generosity with no strings attached, towards yourself as well as others. Eventually, the self is lost, and all that is left is the simple desire to give. This peaks at death, where everything is given away, or given back, whichever way you prefer to see it.

Love cannot exist until fear is eradicated. Fear is a form of self-hatred that manifests in negative thoughts and feelings such as guilt and anger. One should not be taught to fear God because then he is taken away from the Divine Essence. Yet that is exactly what we are cultivated to think. People subscribe to rituals a law they don’t even understand because they fear the consequences of neglecting them. They suffer under the assumption that they worship a coercive and vengeful God. They then bring their own children up with these values. It becomes a vicious, mind-numbing cycle. The mind then closes, and the heart dies with it.

Only you can end your suffering.

[Post Scriptum]

Hi everyone! It’s been a long while since the last post as I have been busy with wedding preparations. It’s been a couple of weeks and there is much to talk about with regards to marriage. I hope to keep up the momentum this time.

Lots of love to all of you for your comments and messages. There are some truly amazing individuals out there, and I would love to hear more from you.


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