The Apology

(Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the speech by Socrates in 399 BC.)

Some days they end in sweet adieus

Endearing thanks and I-love-yous,

Others they end in frowns and tears

Frustrated voices, and burning ears.

Alluring it was, the charm I knew

Captured and thus, my feelings grew

I’ve never known feelings so true

I found everything; I found it in you.

At first I saw in us perfection

We were full of ideals, dreams and ambition

It was great, until, I lost my direction

And closed my eyes to your affection.

The heart, it rusts, and at times I find

The person I saw was all in my mind

I didn’t mean to be unfair, unjust, unkind,

I was rude, I’m sorry; I was blind.


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