Imam ash-Shafi’ee on Travel

Al-Imam ash-Shafi'ee (r.a) (150 H/766 M - 204 H/820 M) is known as the establisher of the shafi'ee school of jurisprudence, or mazhab of Fiqh, widely used by Muslims in South East Asia. He was one of the ahlul bayt - his lineage can be traced back to 'abd Manaf ibn Qusay, who is also … Continue reading Imam ash-Shafi’ee on Travel


The requirements of being an Educator

This is one of the most notable works by Abu al-Aswad ad-Du'ali (16-69 H), one of the greatest forefathers of Arab grammar. He is of the tabi'in (the generation after the Prophet pbuh) and played a major role in assigning the markings (shakl) in the Holy Qur'an. Much reference has been made to this (especially … Continue reading The requirements of being an Educator

Some Rhymes and a Lot of Nonsense

The following are some of my unremarkable attempts at wordplay and alliteration. The sultry Sunday slipped secretively Through my fingers, sandlike and slippery, Surreal it was, point- blank, serenity, Slithering silently into eternity. It was apparent poison in plain perception As I beheld the pain in pale apprehension, Panic erupted and pelted my vision, and … Continue reading Some Rhymes and a Lot of Nonsense