On sincerity

20 May

In the name of Allah, the turner of hearts.

Such is the world we live in, where every action is defined by motives rather than intentions. Where the pull of divine realization is neglected and the push of the nafs becomes the soul’s focus.

Sincerity is the innermost core of intention. Without it, the intention is a mere husk, empty and whatever that results from it, is empty too. And what better designation for this sincerity than God? It was said that sincerity means to be so engrossed in the supervision of the Creator that the creation is forgotten.

Those are big shoes to fill. Let’s not talk about a full-fledged life dedication to God just yet. When was the last time we did anything simply for the sake of doing it?

Our thoughts are usually either roped onto the past or lost in the future. Barely a second of awareness is spent in that moment itself. And in our neglect, moment after moment, if not by His Mercy perhaps a whole lifetime is wasted. If this is the state of one’s everyday life, how then is the state of his ‘ibadah?

Every act of worship is an opportunity to live in the present, to exist where it matters most – every act of worship is, basically, a chance to simply exist. True existence is only in the Divine presence, and such is the parable of the lamp (God) and the light it emanates (creation); for truly the light itself doesn’t exist – only the lamp does.

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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Spirituality


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