They never were.

In the name of God.


Life, it was, without you there

But here you are, larger than life,

The storm in the hands of every strife,

Creeps upon my slumber unaware


It excites the wind, in torrents it blew,

In every direction did my dreams fly,

Away and beyond that which we knew

As the pearls that lay in the midnight sky.


Laughter erupted from glistening eyes,

For scorn, anger, and earnest lies,

Brought forth on the lip, the very same,

That taught me naught, except my name


A prayer she sang, all night long,

Strung desperately, a wordless song,

She knows that everything didn’t belong,

She knows she did everything, everything, wrong.


Alas, what happened to the solitary dame,

Who did nothing except in His name,

Her wings are soiled and left to rot,

In the foliage yonder; drunk, caught.


She waits and waits for the wind to cease,

She dreads tirelessly the ocean breeze,

She wishes to fly free once more,

In the beckoning sky; pearls galore.



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