A medley of rants.

14 Feb


What is it that keeps the orchestra of life playing on a high note?

Does it mean that,

Because we lack certain instruments,

We cannot play beautiful music?

Just a thought.

In the end everything boils down to the beat we play to – how everything is kept in check. Every bow, string, and horn harmoniously entwined in the most beautiful symphony you’ve ever heard,

Or everything broken, out of tune, a torment to all that encounters it.

Just a thought.


Sometimes the lack of higher motives in the things I do compels me to thoroughly question my role in the bigger scheme of things. Do I even have a role to begin with? That is a very depressing question.

Perhaps the only thing that keeps us going in life is the search for answers.

Perhaps life ends once the search is complete.

Perhaps life ends before the search is complete.

Perhaps life is merely a part of the search.


Many thoughts come to mind at a single word, but none of them escapes my lips, none make it past the tongue.

Is it fear?

Is it the awareness of the consequences that might follow?

Aren’t those two the same?


It helps to know what you don’t know. That is the secret of the wise.

It helps to admit what you don’t know. That is the secret of the humble.

It helps to fill the cup once you realize it is empty. That is the secret of the seeker.


Silence is not a habit of the ignorant.

Dominion is not sought by the wise.


Perhaps the equation is as such;

A man of little knowledge needs a thousand words to explain a single image; but the parable of the knowledgeable man is that everything he does paints images of a million words.

Where are we, then?


“Understand thy religion then pursue the spiritual path.” – Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (d.1752)


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