I hope, I hope, that you will, that you won’t.

I imagined a field, lush and serene –

It catches me in wonderment,

Could such a scene –

Produce a sentiment

Illusive yet keen,

To find what it meant,

And now, what it means?

I am apprehensive at best (double entendre meant)

And I fear, lest

My worries shun you, should I fail to repent.

And I continue to wonder,

If you will ever be,

A true friend, truer still – Meant for me,

Or will you pass on like the cold monsoon wind,

And remain just a name, to haunt me till the end?

The turbulent storms begin to fade,

The beginning of the end of a new decade,

The heart pauses and heaves a sigh,

It is broken; an innuendo – a silent cry.

And I thought all heart and hope was lost,

In the ocean yonder, my sins; the cost

Was all misery and melancholy, bundled up and warm,

My traveler’s kit to brave the next storm.

Then along came your ship,

Sails hoisted high above,

Sweet words poised upon your lip,

Words of warmth, care and love.

I’ll tell you again, I am

Apprehensive at best, a lamb,

Afraid of everything; skeptical

Clumsy, nervous and impractical.

But the sails are far

And my gaze is cast

Away, and perhaps, at last,

There will be an end to this furor.


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