The Room.

21 Jan

In the name of Allah, and Allah alone.


How does one pour out the contents of her heart without emptying it?

C: it is strange.

M: indeed, very strange.

C: will you not defend yourself?

M: for whatever reason should i?

C: whatever you may please, but at least – something. You are a person of valour – I knew you as such and you told me as much.

Valour, indeed.

M: and if I refuse?

C: that is not the companion I know.

M: have you ever known me at all?

Her back straightened, something sparked, in her eyes, but she recollected herself.

C: come, darling. Let’s not waste time talking about such silly things. After all – I am your only ally in this world. It has always been this way.

Silence hung in the still air, which thickened with warmth – a fire was ablaze in a corner of the room. Its embers cackled steadily.

I inhaled. Silence. Hesitation. Then I began.

M: did it ever occur to you, that this – this, alliance –


[enter H]

H: hearken! Love, where art thy soul?

M: to whom are you referring to?

H: there is no one else here.

Indeed, every shadow in the room was still. Except mine, and his, chests rising and falling to the rhythm of life.

M: odd.

H: odd? To whom are YOU referring to?

M: never mind that – and what heavenly inspiration drove you to interrupt me in such a manner?

H: there was nothing to interrupt to begin with.

I found myself lost in my own contemplations once more – the room was dim and gloomy despite the fire, alight, ablaze, and cheery. An apt paradox to an apt situation.

H waits patiently. I finally raise my head.

H: love! What arrests your thoughts? Your soul isn’t at peace – do speak to me.

M: it is the same matter, like every other-

H: is it the companion that worries you? Is it now? You do talk so much about her – even though you talk very little and your sentences are always so curt.

Taken back by his sudden outburst, I am shunned back into silence. The fire cackles on, slowly, almost unnoticeably, growing.

M: would you prefer me that way?

H: I’d be surprised if you have ever been, any different.

You are wrong, I think quietly. Never have two moons passed with the same set of eyes.

M: that was a brave, and foolish, thing to say.

H: do I not know you well enough?

all at once I caught a glimpse of C, her eyes, like the fire, ablaze – ablaze they were. Embers dancing ferociously in those otherwise calm, black pearls of her eyes.

M: calm ye, and gather your senses. I will not bear any mischief from you anymore.

C: senses indeed! Have you forgotten yourself?

M: perhaps I have.

H: Heavens! What possesses you this time, young lady?

M: that which doesn’t concern you. Be gone.

H: I believe I have the right to refuse.

M: and I, the right to insist, and impose. This is, after all, my property.

H: but the heart of the owner, will belong to me.

M: foolishness.

H: if that is your wish, love. I only seek your consent.

C: fools. Fools – all and each of you.

My eyes close, wishing the scene away. Although I knew that to despise reality is idiocy, to deny the tangible is irrational.

That didn’t mean reality needs to be a part of me.

And deep within, I kept on wishing. Wishing. Hard.

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