“Whoever knows God turns his back on all else.”

17 Jan


And here I am, sitting and pondering my morning away. Milling over words and rolling them in my fingers – the urge to write is strong, yet the mind feebly hesitates.

Looking back in retrospect – I can’t help but wonder sometimes – just what exactly happened in the past 18 years? It somehow feels like everything was nothing but benign and halcyon, tasteless to a certain extent but endurable still. I did feel myself different from the little friends I played with, not knowing to what or whom I owe that feeling to – but instead of reflecting and investigating, I thought nothing of it and carried on with accepting the reality, ‘I am this, this is me.’

Then one comes to a stage in life where he indefinitely ceases to have that sort of worldview. He finally stops in his tracks and observes the life he has been cultivating, the ideas and opinions in his heart and subconscious mind that hold the reins to his actions and speech. This reflection is somewhat akin to the thoughts that run through one’s mind the moment he gains consciousness – ‘so what happened last night?’ – although not all of us take the time to do this, in fact most of us simply spring forth and thrust ourselves into the day’s activities, yesterday being a distant memory buried far away.

A few months ago I was exposed to a beautiful poem by Sheikh Al-Ninowy, when in his speech he quoted Christian poet Iliyya Abu Madhi’s poem, Tholasim:

جئت، لا أعلم من أين، ولكنّي أتيت

ولقد أبصرت قدّامي طريقا فمشيت

وسأبقى ماشيا إن شئت هذا أم أبيت

كيف جئت؟ كيف أبصرت طريقي؟


“I came, I do not know from whence, but I arrived,

My feet have witnessed a path so I walked,

And I shall continue walking if I willed, or stay still,

How did I come? How was I shown this path?”


A verse he mentions a few lines afterwards, though, really caught my attention. He addresses the sea beautifully and says,

وهل الأنهار تدري أنّها منك إليكا

“and do the rivers know that they are from you, and to you?”


Is that not an apt parable describing each of our situations?


And finally, piercing through the heart with his soliloquy as he walks through a graveyard,

أيّها القبر تكلّم، واخبرني يا رمام

هل طوى أحلامك الموت وهل مات الغرام



“speak to me, o grave, and tell me, o decaying matter,

Did death fold away your dreams, and did your passions die?”


After further reflection one then comes to realized that the focal point on which this whole worldview is leveraged is one’s aspirations. Ambitions and dreams are powerful things. You will find yourself at the mercy of the people you allow to control this. But if your trust is in Allah, you are, the happiest, liberated person on this earth.


Allahu a’lam.

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