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Call me crazy; I won’t stop tapping these walls to the beat of our hearts

Today, for the umpteenth time, I was told that I am an uptight, emotional person.

Perhaps we all are, at times, for the right reasons.


We tend to ask why but we don’t wait for the answer.

We take emotions at face value and assume we know every detail behind it.

The gaze we cast on others – sometimes cast them behind cages we can’t feel

Cast walls and walls in between – walls of denial and disappointment


We’ve forgotten how to give chances – because we weren’t given any.


The words we threw at each other,

Like arrows;

Like bullets;

Were in fact cries of help.

The rage we felt,

The anger,

Which stirred the bitterness in our hearts;

Was a concoction of our past regrets and disappointments.

Like a broken mirror – pieces of yourself that you’d hate to see in others.

Caught in a whirlpool of emotions, struggling to save others.. from ourselves.


Love is a strange thing to comprehend.

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Posted by on November 11, 2011 in Rants


A walking stick, some bells, and no rhymes

this bruised heart keeps searching for remedies when the cure lies in itself;

and until it realizes that it is asleep;

and as long as it is asleep it is blind;

blind so that it seeks guidance in darkness;

and it wanders on till the vicious cycle ends;

though none knows its end, and none but One decides when it does;

because the Decree is a mystery;

locked away, beyond the limits of man’s comprehension;

locked away, in the Greatest Secret of all.



Sometimes I wonder if I will ever complete this search for myself, if I will ever put an end to this confusion.

I believe that God almighty, the most Merciful, Kind and Gracious, pardons confusion. At least.


I used to think that keeping anecdotes of my life is a useful medium for reflections and reminiscing (more to the latter) in the future.

Now I question, why hold on to something beyond measure and grasp?

The past is the past. I shall submit to His will and look forward.

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Posted by on November 2, 2011 in Poetry