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“tell the truth even if it was bitter”

“and the Heavens He raised high, and He set the Balance” (55:7)

Now… why did God set the balance? Because, without that balance, everything will fall apart.

Such was the dialogue in a recent movie I watched. (the very fact I had to refer to the Qur’an for the exact citation and translation shows that I am in no position to interpret it. It should be known that the Qur’an interprets itself first and foremost, that there are other verses explaining this one.)

And such – the balance which I find so hard to establish in my own life. The one which should be observed with Adab. The one which requires wisdom.

Is there a balance between my thankfulness and His uncountable blessings?

Is there a balance between my fear and His unimaginable punishment?

Is there a balance between my hope and His infinite rewards?

I like to comfort myself by thinking that I am merely human, a servant. And whatever I manifest is what He wants me to, that His decree determines all.

But if it’s comfort I search for then comfort I’ll get. And then I’d become complacent as if there was nothing lacking in me to justify.

Yes, we should leave things to Allah. No doubt, we must depend on Him. But only after our effort towards the goal is evident.

What kind of effort? Is this out of our own ability or are we mere puppets of fate?

Questions I’d prefer to leave to the scholars, to be honest. In fact they have their own thoughts established on the matter. And I honor every single one of them.

This then brings a popular saying to mind – it was said to be by a scholar – of which a loose translation would read :

“he who knows (or recognizes) himself has known (or recognized) his Lord”

(once again, my inability to produce an accurate citation to this only shows how little I know)

Again the interpretations of this tradition points towards balance. Between knowing yourself and knowing God – like knowing the opposite poles of a magnet if I may say.

It could mean that one needs to recognize his weakness and neediness in order to recognize His Lord’s splendor and magnificence.

It could also mean that one’s recognition of himself is proof of his recognition of God. (I think this opinion is profound beyond my comprehension.)

Another scholar stated that the recognition of one’s self constitutes the knowledge of his own good and bad qualities, and his hatred for his own bad traits, and ultimately his acting on it.

(none of the 3 interpretations above are my own)

How then does one know himself without allowing himself to be himself?


I was once told, that we are humans first and foremost.

Humans are social beings. Yet are we too caught up in this aspect that we ignore the rest of our essence?

Are the choices I make depriving myself of myself?

Interpret that however you like. May Allah increase us in faith and grant us contentment through it. Ameen.

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