Sparkling Refreshments

02 Jan

And so 2011 has arrived. I’m not about to preach to you about whether or not Muslims should be out there celebrating the new Gregorian year – the lines have clearly been drawn, and despite that everyone has their own opinion on this, furthermore I do not have the knowledge to speak on the matter lest it should start a debate amongst those far more knowledgeable than me (I’m sure there are many).

What I’d rather talk about is this: since this marks the beginning of the school term (probably even school year for some), and a fresh new year at work – basically we are at the beginning of many things since we live under a secular system – perhaps it’s time we renewed our objectives and remembered what we are working / studying for, to give ourselves a little confidence boost.

Number one: work hard towards your Goal – because, as cliché as it sounds, you reap what you sow.

“..and that man can have nothing except what he strives for” [53:39]

At times life may seem unfair, but in truth Allah has His reasons for holding back – just keep on going, because:

“..and that to thy Lord is your Goal” [53:42]

Once you remind yourself that whatever you’re doing is for Allah and Allah alone, every second becomes worth the effort. This, of course, will bring us to question ourselves whether what we are doing is lawful in the eyes of Allah, whether it has any elements of sin in it, and so on – and inshaAllah if we set our Creator as our goal, He will guide us, as long as we ask for guidance.

Number two: purify and refresh your day, every day, 5 times a day.

“and be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity, and whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah, for Allah sees all that you do” [2:110]

This verse says it all: Take advantage of the 5 prayers to refresh and confide in Allah, and be charitable – because generosity purifies the heart and trains it to be sincere. Keep on sending good deeds before you, and be God-conscious in your actions. Allah is watching you.

Number three: trust in Allah, and be patient.

“And seek help in patience and prayer“[2:45]

Like Maulana Dr Waffie said in his book The Story Of Joseph in the Qur’an: “They (the believers) should know that “fear Allah” on one hand; and “trust and faith in Him” on the other will qualify a person for extra help and protection from Him” [Page 59 para. 2]

We are constantly seeking success here, and the hereafter, inshaAllah – and there is no guidance except Allah’s guidance.

Note: inshaAllah I will be on hiatus for a week or two.. I hope Allah allows me to share much, much more when I’m back!

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