Was He Banned?

Much hoopla has been circulating about Al-Bayyinah Institute which failed to fulfill their promise of hosting Mufti Ismail Menk in their recent event, Amazed by the Qur’an. It was arguably a substantial breach of contract given that Menk was their selling point. This breach has minimal enforceability if the intervening cause (the so-called ‘ban’ I’m … Continue reading Was He Banned?


Elia Abu Madi: Tholasim

Elia Abu Madi or Elia D. Madey (1889-1957) was a Lebanese-American poet with numerous notable published works. The following is a translation of the first 8 stanzas from his famous work, Al-Tholasim (The Mysteries). The full poem comprises 405 lines. I have translated (at least, attempted to) the following for your convenience. الطلاسم The Mysteries … Continue reading Elia Abu Madi: Tholasim

Are Morals Best Taught in Religious Schools?

Thus reads a motion in a local debate for tertiary-level students (you can see it here). I am admittedly rather fascinated. Especially since it strikes chords that are a little too close to where the bad memories are. Are morals best taught in religious schools? The phrasing of the sentence is, typically, completely ambiguous. Firstly, … Continue reading Are Morals Best Taught in Religious Schools?